2020 Business & Ministry Conference

2020 Business & Ministry Conference

2020 Business & Ministry Conference Keynote



  8:30 Registration/Breakfast

  9:00 Keynote Speaker  

 10:00 Breakout Session 1

10:45 Networking Time

11:30 Breakout Session 2

12:15 Lunch & Commissioning

  1:00 Networking Time

  2:30 Conference Ends


When the conference ends, your mission begins!

Owning and Managing a business has a God-given power and potential for blessing and ministering to those with whom we come in contact within our work. Too often Christian business people have not been affirmed in their call to business and its stewardship. We want business men and women to understand God’s redemptive work through business within this world. Through profitability, growth, and development, God blesses business leaders with the tools to be impactful and bless others. We want to help deliver the message that Christian business people are in ministry, and mobilize them for action.

What if the untapped business resources in the church globally were released for kingdom impact?

What if more Christian business people were world-leaders at tackling global evils through business?

What if every Christian business person went to work each day with Christ as his/her compass and the goal of putting skin on Jesus for every employee, vendor, and client of the business?

Imagine the potential impact Christian Business Leaders can have for good in the world by being profitable and growing their businesses, coupled with being good stewards of their resources.

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