ARISE (2019)

ARISE (2019)


A world full of the Peace and Love of Jesus.

Where everyone made choices centered on giving glory to the One True and Living GOD.

A community thinking of others more than themselves.

Though we live in a broken world today;
Every Christian in the workplace lived their Christian faith Boldly where GOD planted them.
Imagine the impact of Christians in EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT, BUSINESS, MEDIA ARTS living BOLDLY for CHRIST.
ARISE, Emceed by Bruce Zoeller,  will inspire you to join the movement.  Connect with others living to make a difference for CHRIST in our community.

Rachel McCubbin, Deputy State Director to US Senator Rand Paul will be leading the panel discussion on GOVERNMENT. Imagine on policies, laws, and regulations if more Christians, especially women, stepped up to serve God in a role in our government.

Roger Dillon, Director of Kentucky Christian Education Association will lead a panel, sharing how Daniel Weekends have helped teachers create strategic plans to impact their students and schools.  Imagine if every disciple of Christ, working in Education, saw the schools as their mission field.
There will be a panel on Media Arts. This panel will share examples of being intentional in the area of Media Arts to change the culture to GOD honoring behaviors and worldview thinking.  Imagine if more Christ-centered hearts followed a call to work or get involved in media arts.
Bernie Fineman, CEO of Caldwell Tanks, and Carl Williams, CEO of PSST Seamless Data Solutions, will share how Prayer in the workplace ripples throughout the company and beyond to point customers, employees, vendors and peers to Christ.  Imagine if more Business Owners, CEOs, and leaders practiced prayer and discipleship in the marketplace.