Business & Ministry Initiatives

Educate. Equip. Empower

Business & Ministry Initiatives is a Christian non-profit organization founded in 2018 to educate, inspire and mobilize Christians in business, ministry, and all Christians to impact the community for the Kingdom of God.

We do this through multiple initiatives designed to encourage creative ways of bringing the love of Christ to all people within the city of Louisville. 

We promote and support events and programming for Christian business and ministry leaders to glorify God by bringing their faith into the workplace.

Our goal is to keep you informed of events and resources targeted for the Christian community. 

Many of the events include opportunities for encouragement, education and networking. Others provide opportunities for prayer and learning about local non-profit organizations working to transform our communities through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Still, others provide continual education on business topics from a Biblical worldview, and peer groups to challenge one another to love and good works. One of our goals is to help the Body of Christ work together, with each part doing their part.


For God’s glory to be reflected in every component of our community: education, media, family, faith, government, arts and business.

“Knowing whose we are and acting like it in all facets of life”