Lucas Frazier

Executive Director

Prior to Lucas’ work with BMI, he spent over 20 years at UPS, holding multiple leadership roles throughout the company. While at UPS, he trained and mentored employees, preparing them for leadership and management roles within the company. He has been a guest speaker throughout the city on topics covering leadership, management, employee retention, faith, character, and the Bible. In addition to his work with BMI, he and his wife Kacey, founded Louisville Keep Your Fork, an advocacy group for Floyds Fork. The focus and intent of Louisville Keep Your Fork is to meet with, inspire, influence, and educate government officials, business owners, environmental advocates, and residents regarding the beauty, wildlife and recreation Floyds Forks offers to Metro Louisville. Lucas has four children and is currently the Eastern High School cross country team’s FCA Character Coach. His passion is to walk in faith and help others to do the same.

Lucas has a blog page that focuses on walking with God in all aspects of life. He invites you to join the Trailblazing Faith page where Faith is on display, whether it is in business, prayer, or just walking the narrow road with Jesus. 

Bruce Zoeller


Business & Ministry Initiatives was founded by Bruce Zoeller in 2005. Prior to this, God was developing a passion within Bruce to integrate an individual’s Christian faith with their business so tightly that, when addressed simultaneously, one’s Christian faith and business would flourish. From a young age, Bruce was greatly influenced by the family-owned business, Zoeller Pump Company.

In 1990, Bruce began his own business venture, DP Specialist, Inc., a custom programming company. In 1996, as a ministry outreach to serve Christian business professionals, Bruce organized a Business by the Book Seminar which teaches the implementation of Christian business principles in the management and growth of businesses. God brought 55 people to this seminar and two forum groups were started (under the leadership of Christian Business Men’s Committee). And, unknown at the time, this was the beginning of TCA.

God blessed Bruce’s ministry efforts. Within five years, eight forum groups had been established throughout the Louisville Metro area. In eight years, this number grew to twelve. In the year 2000, Bruce acknowledged God was blessing these efforts, and began planning his transition to do business as ministry full-time. He began to assist various forum members with business coaching in 2002.

Bruce and his wife, Kris, are the proud parents of four children and five grandchildren. Bruce credits all of his accomplishments to the work of God and is excited to see what the Lord does in the years to come!