Partner With BMI

Business & Ministry Initiatives seeks to develop partnerships with businesses and ministries within the community. Our initiatives are designed to encourage creative ways of bringing the love of Christ to all people within the city of Louisville. We accomplish this through four primary initiatives. 
  1. Hosting events designed for Christian business and ministry leaders in our community for networking, continuing education, resources, and Christian fellowship.
  2. Encouraging prayer for the shepherds of our city through Pray Louisville.
  3. Building an online gateway of business and ministry partners who have shown a heart to see the love of Christ be poured out to others.
  4. Allowing Christ to use BMI to be a connecting agent within our community for people who want to engage in one of the seven spheres of societal influence.

Partnering with BMI makes it possible for us to increase our reach. Our goal is to connect businesses and ministries throughout the city, encouraging prayer, discipleship, stewardship, and fellowship. Thank you for your partnering with Business & Ministry Initiatives.


Partnership Opportunities

Corporate Partner - $1,500

  • Invitation to join BMI Partner Meetings
  • Recognition at Events
  • 5 Tickets for each Event

Table Partners - $750

  • Invitation to join BMI Partner Meetings
  • Recognition at Events
  • Table Presence at Events
  • Prayed over during Events
  • Partner Spotlight Page
  • Social Media Engagements
  • 2 Tickets for each Event

Community Partnership - $5,000

  • All Table Partner opportunities
  • Table Presence at Events (or donate table to other ministry)
  • Opportunity to Present
  • 12 Tickets for each Event

Strategic Partnership - $10,000

  • All Community Partner opportunities 
  • Invitation to join in strategic planning events
  • 25 Tickets for each Event

Who are BMI Partners?

Partners are companies and organizations who continually seek to be the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

Partners currently have an impact in at least 1 of the 7 spheres of society.

Partners want to multiply their impact through strategic relationships.

Partners desire to connect and engage with other partners.

Partners are willing to share BMI opportunities with people in their organization as well as community at large.

How does a BMI Partnership work?

What to expect from BMI

  1. A BMI representative will meet with you for updates on your business/ministry needs and activities 
  2. BMI will create a Partner Spotlight Page that will be used to inform people of your activities in the community and any opportunities for engagement
  3. BMI will highlight your business/ministry at each event and provide time for you to share your mission and heart with attendees and receive prayer at each event
  4. BMI will occasionally highlight your business/ministry to the BMI community
  5. BMI is not a traditional networking organization. Our mission is to see gaps, needs in our community and help connect businesses and ministries to bring the love of Christ to others. 

What BMI would expect from your business/ministry

  1. Meet/Communicate with us, sharing your business/ministry needs and activities 
  2. Review and ensure the Partner Spotlight Page is accurate and helpful for your needs
  3. Attend BMI events or donate your table to a ministry impacting our community
  4. Be willing to be prayed for and pray for others
  5. Invite people in your community to meet other businesses/ministries at BMI events